Gayhurst School


Press Release 08 September 2014

Gayhurst Announce Changes To Further Improve the School

Gayhurst School, the leading co-educational independent preparatory School in South Bucks, has announced some important changes designed to keep the School at the forefront of education best practice and ensure the School continues to provide a first class experience for its boys and girls.

The Headmaster and Governors of Gayhurst School have published a new document called “Gayhurst – Consolidating Success” which has been prepared following the first major strategic review of the future direction of the School in 2011.

“Gayhurst – Consolidating Success” is a blueprint for the School’s future and it introduces a number of changes that will be implemented over the next six years until 2020 and will affect all those connected with the School. These changes are being introduced in order to provide the strongest possible future for the School, the best education for the pupils and as a first class place for the teaching staff to pursue their careers.

At the heart of the changes is the decision to focus Gayhurst on providing best in class co-education from Nursery/Reception Year to Year 6. All the School’s resources will be applied to these years and the intake will increase to meet the demand for these places that cannot currently be met with the existing structure. In September 2015 a fourth Year 3 class will be added annually. As a result of this new focus Year 7 will be phased out in September 2017 and Year 8 in September 2018. The School will then consist of Key Stage 1 up to Year 2 and Key Stage 2 from Year 3 to Year 6.

The School believes that by focussing on fewer academic years and by giving parents and pupils ample notice of these developments that these changes will be a power for the good for all concerned.

“All organisations need to move forward otherwise they are left behind. Gayhurst took the decision to move to Co-education earlier in 2007 and this together with the School’s success has meant there is a demand for places in the early years that cannot be met. At the same time the Years 7 and 8 are relatively small and have been for the last 20 years as a significant number of boys already leave in Year 6 to move onto their Secondary education.  The same will be even more true for the girls as they leave for secondary schools. By reducing the number of years and moving Gayhurst into line with wider education trends, where the end of Year 6 is seen by many as the natural break point, the School can become even better at what it does”.

Chair of Governors, Caroline Shorten-Conn added “Gayhurst has a history of being a well-managed School, confident enough to lead the way with initiatives that it believes will improve the School for all those involved with it – pupils, their families and staff alike. “Consolidating Success” is the result of an extensive strategic review and we are confident that the benefits of being a more tightly focussed School will become apparent early in the next few years”.