From the old I travel to the new…

Final assembly was very special this year as Gayhurst School said goodbye, for the very last time, to Year 8.

As is the Gayhurst tradition all the leavers from Years 6 and 8 shook hands with all of their teachers and other staff who have seen them through their formative years here.

The assembly started with the fitting hymn, ‘One more step along the world I go’ and moved into the presentations of commendations, sports colours, staff leaving gifts and end of term Prizes.

There was a brand new prize this year, Mrs Sims’ English award and that was won by Luca McCormick.

Other winners were:

Cress Best Musical Achievement – Isabelle Dusek
Music Award – Robbie Spittal
School Council Award – Tarun Eapen/Shaunak Mehta
Year 3 Endarvour Cup – Anabelle Halpert
Payne Cup – Oscar Tranter
Cooke Cup – Anja Sticklen
Conn Cup – Tarun Eapen
Elgin Cup for Art – Reuben Dhugga
Maddern Cup – Aaron Phillips
Francis Cup – Isabelle Dusek
Insall Jones Plate – Jayden Shah
Williams Cup – Tarun Eapen
Axford Shield – Elijah and Zachary Orr-Ewing
Hughes Cup – Matthew Jackson

There were many more prizes winners and a huge congratulations to you all.