Gayhurst School


Q. How big are the class sizes?

A. In Reception there are three classes of around 16 pupils. Currently in Year 1, two classes of 15 and Year 2 there are three classes of around 16 pupils. Year 3 has four classes and this continues throughout the Senior School.  The maximum we would ever have at any point is 17 in a class.

Q. Does the school assess the children prior to entry?

A. Children entering Nursery or Reception are not assessed but places are offered from the waiting list once it has been created the year before they are due to join.  After Reception children are assessed in a gentle, informal way.

Q. What is the staff to pupil ratio in the Junior School?

A. In Reception and Year 1, each class has its own teacher and an assistant. Years 2 and 3 share three assistants.

Q. Which languages will my child learn?

A. Children learn some fun, spoken French in the Junior School and more formal French teaching begins in Year 4. Children have the opportunity to learn Spanish in the Senior School at Year 6.

Q. Where do children generally come from?

A. Although many of our pupils are from Gerrards Cross and Chalfont St Peter, pupils travel from a wide geographical area, especially Beaconsfield, Chalfont St Giles, Denham, Seer Green, Jordans and Farnham Common. We also have children at the school from High Wycombe, Northwood, Aylesbury, Chorleywood, Iver and Langley.

Q. Which schools do children go on to?

A. One of Gayhurst’s strengths is that it caters for families who wish to follow either the independent or the state grammar school systems. There is a list of ‘next schools’ on the website. Slightly more than half the children tend to go to Bucks grammar schools. The remainder go to a variety of schools including Eton, Rugby, Wellington, Merchant Taylors, Berkhamsted, Royal Masonic, Shiplake and many others. For more details, please click here to see the link to Future Schools.

Q. Does the school stream or set the children and if so at what stage?

A. Differentiation within a class begins subtly very early on. However formal setting on ability in English and Mathematics begins in Year 4. 

Q. What sort of extra-curricular activities are there?

A. A huge variety from horse riding, gymnastics, skiing and sailing to chess and cooking.

Q. How did Gayhurst do in the last inspection?

A. We did very well in the last ISI inspection report in November 2015. You can download a full copy of this report on the website, please click here. The inspectors found that Gayhurst offers a “broad curriculum, effective pastoral support and a full programme of extra-curricular games and activities (to provide) a rich and fulfilling experience”.

Q. How many girls are there at Gayhurst?

A. We deliberately chose a very gradual approach to the integration of girls into Gayhurst. We started in 2008 with just two girls in Nursery and Reception but now we have enough girls in Year 3 for an entire Netball team, including reserves! Each year the intake of girls increases substantially and the girls at Gayhurst have made a significant contribution to the school.